Presidential Memorandum- Signing for Pollinators
Strong commitment to pollinator actions

On June 20, 2014 the White House announced the first comprehensive pollinator program ever created throughout the federal government. President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum to bring federal actions to the pollinator issue that will provide increased collaboration, solid science, practical management, and essential research goals. The Presidential Memorandum works within existing budgets, and through coordinated efforts has the potential to increase efficiencies and effectiveness. The Pollinator Partnership acted as a resource to the White House for many months as the White House Executive Office brought stakeholders together and canvassed federal departments and agencies. Among the directives in the memorandum are actions increasing forage on federal lands, assessing the effects of pesticides including neonicotinoids, including native seeds in post-fire restoration, landscaping federal facilities for pollinators, educating the public about pollinators, and more.
Read all the details on the White House blog.

For the Pollinator Partnership, the memorandum is the result of a nearly 20-year campaign to increase awareness and all action for pollinators and marks a new dawn of wise land management across the country. The Presidential Memorandum is a first for comprehensive terrestrial conservation and for pollinators it demonstrates real leadership on the part of the President and his science team; we congratulate them on this great start to a new dawn of wise land management for pollinators.